What Leads To An Ischemic Stroke?

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A person might be going through his everyday life without knowing that his unhealthy life habits have brought him closer to stroke. Like, when was the last time you got a full body check-up done? Are your blood pressure and sugar level under control? All these questions should be raised before a person experiences a situation of a medical emergency.

Ischemic stroke is medically defined as a medical emergency situation when the blood vessel or an artery responsible for supplying blood to the brain gets blocked or narrowed. This leads to a lack of oxygen and nutrient supply to the brain. Ischemic stroke can cause brain damage and disabilities if not treated in time. Within a minute of experiencing an ischemic stroke, the brain cells start to die due to the lack of oxygen. Damage to the brain cells is severely dangerous and may result in disabilities. This can also bring up issues in maintaining intimate relationships. Medicines like Cenforce 100 or viagra can be taken if any erection-related difficulty is faced.

Researchers estimate that each year 795,000 people in the United States suffer from a stroke, and 87% of these strokes are ischemic strokes in which the blood flow to the brain gets blocked. Men are more likely to experience an ischemic stroke than women and may take pills like Cenforce 100 and viagra if it leads to having erectile difficulty. In addition, a medical condition called atherosclerosis is when the arteries harden and narrow; restricting the blood supply in the body could also cause an ischemic stroke.

What Are The Symptoms Of Ischemic Stroke?

Experiencing an ischemic stroke is a state of emergency, and immediately the person should be taken to the hospital. The stroke may last for a few minutes to hours. Getting immediate treatment is vital for survival. Following are the signs of an ischemic stroke.

  • Shortness of breath 
  • Blindness in one eye
  • Dizziness and vertigo
  • Loss of consciousness
  • Dropping off the face on one side
  • Headache and trouble walking
  • Chest pain or heart palpitations
  • Trouble in speaking and understanding
  • Numbness or weakness in arms, legs, or face.

Ischemic stroke is one of the three diagnosed strokes, the other two being hemorrhagic stroke and transient ischemic attack(TIA). Hemorrhagic stroke is caused by the sudden leakage or burst of a blood vessel in the brain, whereas TIA is considered a minor stroke that disrupts the blood supply in the brain only for a brief period and then restores it without any brain damage. 

TIA is a warning sign for an ischemic stroke, and a person who experiences TIA should be cautious. Sometimes after stroke, effects could lead to problems in maintaining physical relationships. One can take Cenforce 100, which can help get an erection by increasing the blood flow in the penis.

What Causes an Ischemic Stroke?

A brain stroke is caused when an artery carrying oxygen-rich blood to the brain gets blocked or hardened. This can lead to a certain amount of brain damage if not treated immediately. Blockage in an artery can be caused by a blood clot/fatty build-up that is also medically termed as plaque. Some of the other contributing factors that lead to an ischemic stroke are as follows.

  • Medical conditions: Medical conditions like atrial fibrillation, which causes an irregular heartbeat that causes stroke, heart attacks, blood clots, and other heart-related diseases. A condition in which blood pressure drops extremely low called hypotension could also trigger a stroke. People who suffer an ischemic stroke often have other underlying cardiovascular diseases. Such diseases can narrow and harden the arteries, which then restricts the blood flow in the body. People experiencing erection difficulty due to low blood flow in the penis can take medicine such as Cenforce 100.
  • Smoking: Smoking is the number one preventable cause for many diseases. Carbon monoxide reduces the amount of oxygen in the blood, increasing the chances of a stroke. Smoking can lead to erection difficulty by causing the blood vessels to harden and narrow. Such difficulty can be addressed with medicines like Cenforce 100 and viagra.
  • Diseases:  People living with high blood pressure, diabetes, coronary or peripheral artery disease, and other cardiovascular diseases have a higher chance of getting an ischemic stroke. Mental illnesses such as depression could lead to a situation of experiencing anosmia where medicine like Cenforce 100 can work as a cure; consult the doctor..
  • Lifestyle:  People who live an inactive lifestyle, who are obese or overweight, are more prone to get an ischemic stroke. An excess amount of fat in the body, specifically near the abdominal region, significantly causes inflammation and slows the blood supply, creating a potential for a blockage to occur. People who live an inactive lifestyle may experience difficulty maintaining an erotic relationship with their partner. Such difficulty can be resolved by Cenforce 100 if it is related to having an erection.
  • Diet: Taking a high in saturated fats and cholesterol diet has been linked to ischemic stroke and other cardiovascular diseases. Doctors recommend a high fiber diet rich in fruits and vegetables and low in fat and sodium intake.

Apart from the following factors, people should try to get full body regular checkups done at least once a year to avoid any unforeseen adverse conditions. Ischemic stroke can occur in any individual at any age, regardless of gender or race—this risk for stroke increases as one ages. If you see a person experiencing an ischemic stroke, call 911 immediately for a medical emergency. While diagnosing the stroke, the doctor should be informed about the medical history of the patient. If medicine like Cenforce 100 or viagra has been taken, it should be made known to the doctor. 

NOTE:  Don’t take medicine like Cenforce 100 and viagra without properly consulting a doctor.

A person can avoid ischemic stroke by eating a healthy diet, exercising daily, quitting smoking, and controlling blood, sugar, and cholesterol levels in the body. In addition, it is advised to get the necessary treatment for medical conditions like atherosclerosis or atrial fibrillation that might trigger an ischemic attack. 

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