This Is Why Wagyu Meat Is Better

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Wagyu and Hanwoo cattle are the main meat breeds in Japan and Korea respectively. The marmoleum has been increased for decades to meet the preferences of national consumers. In both countries, highly veined meat is highly appreciated by traditional meat cooking fullblood wagyu beef online methods, such as Sukiyaki for Japanese and Gogigui for Korean. Since intramuscular fat improves meat quality, at least in juiciness and taste (Hornsterin and Wasserman, 1987; Wheeler et al.1994), marmoleum is an accepted indicator of meat quality.

The meat quality classification system in both countries is mainly determined by the marble score with BMS and also by other housing characteristics. The literature suggests that IMF content varies depending on feeding time, finishing diet and race type. Much attention has been paid to the further accumulation of the IMF to produce high-quality beef. The literature also indicates that the composition of fatty acids varies by breed.

It is evaluated in slaughterhouses by meat students in various countries, including the United States, Australia, Japan and Korea. Oleic acid is the most common fatty acid in beef and Wagyu is exceptionally high in Wagyu beef. Because Wagyu has a higher grounding, it has higher concentrations of these fats that are acceptable as “healthy”.

Likewise, the use of Hanwoo cattle as edible meat has long been minimal. Hanwoo’s large-scale production as beef cattle has started since the 1970s. Because Hanwoo cattle have retained stable properties through pure reproduction, the current bloodline is invaluable.

CLA is a fatty acid with powerful anti-cancer properties and is not just an anti-inflammatory. Wagyu received increasing attention because of its unique vein and the greater share of desirable fats than other meat. This unique beef takes more time to grow, but constantly gets positive reviews for its health benefits, juicy taste and consistency. Research shows that these healthy fats are beneficial for human consumption.

Of course, even this delicious meat has to be consumed in moderation, but a healthy diet consists of more monounsaturated fats than saturated or trans fats. A reduction in these unhealthy fats is a primary goal of low-fat, fat-free diets. Oleic acid is considered beneficial in the prevention of heart disease, diabetes and other preventable conditions. It is also related to the promotion of a healthy immune system, vitamin absorption and cellular and antioxidant development. Research has shown that SFA increases cholesterol levels and can increase the risk of cardiovascular disease. Wagyu beef again shows health benefits compared to beef from other breeds, because + 40% of the SFA in Wagyu beef is in the form of stearic acids, which has a minimal impact on cholesterol.

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