The Bible Unveiled By Mangasarian, M M.

February 24, 2022 by No Comments

According to the chronology of the bible, the earth is something close to six thousand years old. Of course, it might be that “years” within the bible no more means years than “days” means days, but when they do, then the bible is mistaken again. It is now typically admitted by scientists that the age of our planet runs into the tens of millions.

Surely they wanted each other, each commercially and socially. According to the bible, there have been altogether only four people on the earth, presently, and, subsequently, from every perspective, it was greater than a dastardly crime to kill one of the members of this valuable group. Scarcely something occurs within the bible in a natural means. Miracles are so many, and so frequent, that there is virtually no nature in the bible.

It has already been shown that the deity didn’t write the second model of the moral legislation along with his personal hand, although he promised he would. Let me now present the second version of the Ten Commandments, to level out that Jehovah had forgotten just as fully as had Moses, the primary Ten Commandments which he himself had inscribed on the slates. Matthew says, Jesus fled to Egypt; Luke says, he did not go to Egypt in any respect, but was taken to Jerusalem, and publicly circumcised in the temple, after which he and his dad and mom went to stay in Nazareth.

It is thus intimated that no bible is the “Word of God” until it has the endorsement of these Catholic dignitaries. Only after these males have examined the bible and given it their sanction does the e-book become “divine.” No layman can tell for himself, unaided by a priest, the “Word of God” from the word of man. In reality, it’s the priest who adjustments the word of man into the “Word of God” by the same course of that he converts strange bread into a God. My sympathies on this matter are with the Catholics; if the bible is an infallible e-book, we must have an infallible reader.

Moreover, to intimate that six days were not sufficient for an almighty god to create the universe in can be nothing lower than skepticism. It is expressly stated in the bible that nothing “is too hard” for God; why, then, aren’t Bible facts revealed six days of twenty-four hours enough? To extend the six days into six periods is to make terms with science, and when one begins to attempt this one has already lost his faith.

After wasting his inheritance by riotous residing, he finds himself nose to nose with starvation. The worst factor happens to him that might occur to a pious Jew—he is compelled to care for a herd of swine, and to eat of their meals. In this condition, he remembers that his father is still rich, with plenty of servants, and meals for everybody. He decides to go back to him, simply as he is, and to throw himself upon his mercy.