Problems With the Theory of Recurrence

August 5, 2021 by No Comments

Ben and I are sitting at a faculty room table paichillnai discussing the theory of Recurrence. I’m pointing out some of the difficulties that I find in accepting the theory. Michelle passes our table and stops to listen.

“If Recurrence is true, and I go back to the same life time one of the things I would want to change is shipping out with Scandinavian Shipping. I had a chance to take a job on a ship. I’ve always regretted that I didn’t take it. But, if I go back to that time and take the job, I wouldn’t meet my wife, Anne. If we didn’t get married then my son and daughter and grandchildren would not have been born. What happens to their lives if Recurrence is true?”

“Well, maybe there are parallel universes. Your children might continue to live in a parallel universe,” Michelle tells me.
“Yea, that might be so.”

“Are you saying that you will remember your past life when you repeat it in Recurrence?” Ben asks.
“No, in most cases you remember nothing. However, if you develop essence in this lifetime, all that you learn becomes a part of your essence. And that will be remembered….”
“What do you mean essence?” Michelle asks.

“Essence is that part of you that is real. We are all born with Essence, but as soon as we begin to learn we begin to develop personality. Essence gets covered over with personality and in most cases never develops. That’s part of work effort to die to personality and rediscover your Essence….”

“All this is so confusing. I think I rather not know about things like Recurrence and Essence. It’s enough just to get through the day,” Michelle tells me.

“Well, that’s the problem. We all get lost in the day and never question our spiritual development. If we don’t develop the spiritual aspect of ourselves then we have to live life over and over again until we start working on our spiritual self….”

“Give me one bit of scientific support for the existence of God and the spiritual realm,” Ben tells me. “Scientific…. It has to be scientific proof….” The bell rings for class to begin.

Saturday morning as I sit in the backyard watching the approach of an early December storm, it comes to me, if not scientific at least historical proof for the existence of the Spiritual realm. Through the whole history of the human race the civilizations that reached the highest level of freedom were those that were in touch with God, the absolute, the spiritual. You can see the rise and fall of civilizations in the rise and fall of the spiritual values of a people. In every decline you see that the fall of the spiritual values of the people come first. The cause of decline always comes from within a nation as it loses the taste for mythical values and becomes more embedded in the materialistic growth. As a civilization loses its spiritual value it becomes less and less creative, more and more, greedy, and violent.

Our own civilization is a prefect example of this. Joseph Campbell writes that anyone who doesn’t believe that America has lost her spiritual values need only read the daily newspaper. There is corruption and greed at every level of society. Maurice Nicoll states, “The Flood, understood in its internal or psychological meaning, is not a flood of water, drowning the earth, but a flood of evil. The Flood refers to a period of time when all right understanding was dying among a particular division of humanity” The violence of the mass media from music to cartoons to movies is reflected in our national policy towards other nations. If one does not value the spiritual aspect of life one places all values on the material. Instead of trying to understand our inner self, we put all our energy into getting more. And, it doesn’t matter how we get it. Cheat, lie, steal, run over your competitors, no matter, the bottom line is all that counts. When the spirit dies in man, we are flooded with greed, corruption, and barbaric destruction of all that is truly human.

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